Transforming lives of the vulnerable and displaced in the Middle East through support of schools, hospitals, and centers for children with disabilities

The 14 Diocesan schools in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan educate more than 6,400 students each year.
The Diocese operates two major hospitals, four outpatient clinics, and a number of mobile clinics.
The four institutions supporting children and adults with disabilities touch hundreds of lives each year.
Visit the Holy Land and Diocesan institutes and connect with people face-to-face.
mohammed 1 2016


Mohammed is the youngest of 4 children. His family lives in one room in Gaza since his home was destroyed in the 2014 bombing.

Mohammed’s mother brought him to Ahli Arab Hospital’s Free Clinic because he was unable to hold his head up at 7 months and seemed very weak. He was screened by the Underweight/Malnutrition Program and examined by a pediatrician. The family lives in severe poverty and food is scarce. They received nutritional supplements, milk, fortified biscuits, cereal and vitamins. The mother also received instruction on how to prepare low cost meals.

Mohammed gained 2 kilos in a short time and his motor skills improved dramatically. His mother is grateful both for the free care and the compassion shown by everyone at Ahli Arab Hospital. AFEDJ donors helped make this possible.