Advocacy organizations

A photo of a man speaking represents the Opportunities for Advocacy section of the AFEDJ website
In Austin in July 2018, the Rev. Brian Grieves, deputy from the Diocese of Hawaii, speaks from the floor of the House of Deputies at the Episcopal Church General Convention in favor of the resolution related to Palestinian rights. Photo: David Paulsen/Episcopal News Service

As a nonsectarian, nonpolitical 501(c)(3) nonprofit, AFEDJ does not engage in explicitly political activities but recognizes that many of our supporters are moved to do so. Below is a list of organizations that offer the opportunity to advocate on behalf of vulnerable and displaced people in the Middle East. 

Churches for Middle East Peace

Churches for Middle East Peace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C. As a coalition of Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches, CMEP works to influence American policy in ways that will bring justice and peace for all people and countries in the Middle East.

Episcopal Public Policy Network

The Episcopal Public Policy is a grassroots network of Episcopalians across the country dedicated to carrying out the Baptismal Covenant call to “strive for justice and peace” through the active ministry of public policy advocacy through The Episcopal Church’s Office of Government Relations based in Washington, D.C.

Archives of the Episcopal Church

Here is a link to all resolutions advanced at General Conventions through 2015 that relate to the Middle East.

Resolutions advanced at the 2018 General Convention are listed below.

D027–Pursuing Justice in Gaza

C038–Safeguard the Rights of Palestinian Children

D018–Negotiating the Israel/Palestine Conflict

B021–Support Aid to Palestinian Refugees

B003–Status of Jerusalem