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October – We will continue to extend your good works in our community

September – School leaders adapt in creative ways

August – All Saints Church stands poised to assist its Beirut neighbors

July – Live from the Holy Land

June – Leaders share updates on current conditions

May – Update from Ahli Hospital

April – Remember the most vulnerable

March – Archbishop Dawani asks for prayers and assistance

February – We are the only people doing this outreach work

January – Thank you for making 2019 a year of extraordinary giving


December – This gives me hope for the future

November – Ahli’s free clinic is the heartbeat of this hospital

October – We need to talk with other people

September – “I will not be silent for anyone’s rights”

August – “Nineteen ways to be inspired in Vermont.”

July – “They prepare us totally for the world out there. They train us well so we will be ready.”

June – “Harold C. Smith Foundation Grant doubles access to Ahli free clinic”

May – “When I go to university next fall, I will be confident.”

April – “Palestinian students share their dreams for the future.”

March – “The health situation in Gaza is deteriorating.”

February – “A new ambulance saves the day at St. Luke’s Hospital, Nablus.”

January – “When challenges abound.”


December – “Girls’ education”

November – “Trustee reflections”

October – “Update on cuts in U.S. aid”

August – “Exciting staff news”

June – “Update on Ahli Hospital”

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