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A mother and child waiting for treatment at Ahli Hospital.

Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza City

Travel restrictions and a crippling blockade are a daily reality for Palestinian refugees in Gaza. For thousands of families, Ahli Arab Hospital and its free community clinic offer the only healthcare option. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Overcoming obstacles on...
A photo of teachers at Ahliyah School, Amman, Jordan

Ahliyyah School, Amman, Jordan

Ahliyah School for Girls in Amman is a highly-regarded K-12 school for girls with a fully accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) program. The school’s administration and faculty strive to provide a quality education that helps girls and young women grow into empowered human beings who work on realizing their potentials through being active lifelong learners; reflective and critical thinkers who maintain a high degree of emotional intelligence and adopt a strong humane set of values; knowledge creators; initiators of change; responsible and productive citizens, aware of their cultural heritage, open to diversity and capable of creating a future of their own choice. 

A photo of the entrance to the Arab Episcopal Medical Center in Ramallah, West Bank

Arab Episcopal Medical Center, Ramallah, West Bank

Located on the campus of St. Andrew’s Church, this outpatient clinic will focus primarily on treating the complicated consequences of diabetes among the Palestinian people. Open to all, regardless of faith, the clinic will offer a diabetic foot program combined with extensive emphasis on cardio-vascular health. The clinic’s services will be available to those who cannot afford treatment elsewhere. A sliding fee scale will be used to allow anyone in need to have access to the high quality care.

A photo of young students with thumbs up and fun hats on at Arab Episcopal School in Irbid, Jordan

Arab Episcopal School, Irbid, Jordan

Before 2003, blind and visually-impaired children in Irbid, Jordan, had no options for education besides traveling an hour each way to Amman. That’s when the Rev. Samir Esaid and Mrs. Sabah Zurikat founded the Arab Episcopal School in Irbid, a city of about 1.7 million...
A photo of boys waving at the Arab Evangelical School in Ramallah

Arab Evangelical Episcopal School, Ramallah, West Bank

Founded in 1954 as a home for impoverished and orphaned girls, the Arab Evangelical Episcopal School has evolved into a K-12 academic co-ed school serving 845 students and their families. The school operates upon the premise that fulfilling its Christian mission comes through serving the...
A photo of boys singing at Bishops' School in Amman, Jordan

Bishop’s School for Boys, Amman, Jordan

Since its founding in 1936, the Bishop’s School for Boys in Amman has had a straightforward mission: to offer a first-rate education that helps students grow into empowered human beings who work on realizing their potential through being active life-long learners, reflective and critical thinkers who maintain a high degree of emotional intelligence and adopt a strong humane set of values, knowledge creators, initiators of change, responsible and productive citizens aware of their cultural heritage and open to diversity.

A photo of students in a classroom at Christ Episcopal School in Nazareth

Christ Episcopal School, Nazareth, Israel

With a student population of 1,200 across grades K-12, Christ Episcopal School in Nazareth is the largest school owned and operated by the Diocese of Jerusalem. Founded in 1851 by the Church Mission Society, it has long served Palestinian Christian and Muslim students who are...
A photo of teenage male students in a classroom at Holy Land Institute for the Deaf in Jordan.

Holy Land Institute for the Deaf, Salt, Jordan

A safe haven of peace for 150 children and young people ages four to 25, the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf offers a full range of therapeutic services for hearing-impaired, deaf, and deaf-blind students, a K-12 academic boarding program and a wide range of...

Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre

Opened in 1965 to serve families whose children were affected by polio, Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre (JPBC) has expanded its mission to treat and empower children with a wide range of disabilities and offer support to their families by providing an array of therapies and...