Annual Report

Annual Report 2018

The cover of the 2018 AFEDJ Annual Report.
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30 years

A safe, secure channel to support Christian humanitarian institutions in the Middle East

$1.4 Million

Transferred by AFEDJ to support 14 institutions in 2018


The number of lives improved by institutions supported by AFEDJ in 2018

4 Stars

The highest rating for financial accountability and transparency from Charity Navigator

The institutions we serve
are building a future of
hope, equality and opportunity
through these focus areas:

• Opportunity for children with disabilities
• Access to comprehensive, quality
• Youth empowerment and employability
• Educational equity for girls and young women
• Next generation leadership

In 2018 AFEDJ donors supported
these institutions:

• Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza
• Arab Episcopal School, Irbid, Jordan
• Arab Episcopal School, Ramallah, West Bank
• Christ Episcopal School, Nazareth, Israel
• Diocesan Summer Camps, West Bank and Israel
• Episcopal Technological and Vocational Training Center, Ramallah, West Bank
• Holy Land Institute for the Deaf, Salt, Jordan
• Jofeh Community Rehabilitation Center, Jordan Valley, Jordan
• Penman Clinic, Zababdeh, West Bank
• St. George’s College, East Jerusalem
• St. George’s School, East Jerusalem
• St. Luke’s Hospital, Nablus, West Bank
• Princess Basma Center for Disabled Children, East Jerusalem
• Saviour’s Episcopal School, Zarqa, Jordan
• Theodor Schneller School, Marka, Jordan