Access to comprehensive, quality healthcare

Compassionate Care For All

Travel restrictions are a daily reality for Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. For thousands of families across the region, the charitable hospitals and community clinics of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem are the only healthcare options in proximity to their homes. Serving some of the most vulnerable people in the world, these institutions welcome all patients without regard to their religion, ethnicity, or ability to pay. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

A father and his young son wait for the doctor, at Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza City.
A father and his young son wait for the doctor at Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza City.

Diocese of Jerusalem hospitals and clinics

A mother and child waiting for treatment at Ahli Hospital.

Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza City

Travel restrictions and a crippling blockade are a daily reality for Palestinian refugees in Gaza. For thousands of families, Ahli Arab Hospital and its free community clinic offer the only healthcare option. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Overcoming obstacles on...
A photo of the entrance to the Arab Episcopal Medical Center in Ramallah, West Bank

Arab Episcopal Medical Center, Ramallah, West Bank

Located on the campus of St. Andrew’s Church, this outpatient clinic will focus primarily on treating the complicated consequences of diabetes among the Palestinian people. Open to all, regardless of faith, the clinic will offer a diabetic foot program combined with extensive emphasis on cardio-vascular health. The clinic’s services will be available to those who cannot afford treatment elsewhere. A sliding fee scale will be used to allow anyone in need to have access to the high quality care.

Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre

Opened in 1965 to serve families whose children were affected by polio, Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre (JPBC) has expanded its mission to treat and empower children with a wide range of disabilities and offer support to their families by providing an array of therapies and...
A photo of a woman getting her blood pressure checked at Penman Clinic.

Penman Clinic, Zababdeh, Palestine

Penman Clinic provides primary medical treatment to people of the northern West Bank city of Zebabdeh and more than 12 surrounding villages. For very low fees, patients who face travel restrictions that prevent them from visiting medical facilities in neighboring cities are offered excellent care close to home. Dental services, laboratory services, and a pharmacy, make the Penman Clinic is a uniquely comprehensive healthcare resource for people of the region.

St. Luke’s Hospital, Nablus, West Bank

St. Luke’s Hospital, the only charitable hospital in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, offers a full range of medical services and boasts particularly well-regarded neurosurgery, obstetrics, and neonatal departments. This city of 350,000 is also home to a large Palestinian refugee camp. Travel...