Opportunities for children with disabilities

Creating Hope for a Future

Children with disabilities and their families face extraordinary hurdles in the region. In the West Bank, restrictions on movement constrain access to therapy and rehabilitation services.

The stigma against people with disabilities in the Middle East requires parents to become effective advocates for their children. In many places there are simply no publicly-funded services available.

Without the services offered by Diocese of Jerusalem institutions, many children with disabilities would remain at home with no hope for a productive future.

Opportunity for children with disabilities
Princess Basma Center’s Inclusive School provides equal educational opportunity to children with a wide range of disabilities.

A photo of young students with thumbs up and fun hats on at Arab Episcopal School in Irbid, Jordan

Arab Episcopal School, Irbid, Jordan

Before 2003, blind and visually-impaired children in Irbid, Jordan, had no options for education besides traveling an hour each way to Amman. That’s when the Rev. Samir Esaid and Mrs. Sabah Zurikat founded the Arab Episcopal School in Irbid, a city of about 1.7 million...
A photo of teenage male students in a classroom at Holy Land Institute for the Deaf in Jordan.

Holy Land Institute for the Deaf, Salt, Jordan

A safe haven of peace for 150 children and young people ages four to 25, the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf offers a full range of therapeutic services for hearing-impaired, deaf, and deaf-blind students, a K-12 academic boarding program and a wide range of...

Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre

Opened in 1965 to serve families whose children were affected by polio, Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre (JPBC) has expanded its mission to treat and empower children with a wide range of disabilities and offer support to their families by providing an array of therapies and...
A photo of a woman working on a jig saw at Jofeh Community Rehabilitation Center, in Jordan

Jofeh Community Rehabilitation Center, Jordan Valley, Jordan

The Jofeh Center is a community-based outreach program of the Holy Land Institution for the Deaf, offering therapy, vocational training, and in-house workshops to students with a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities. The center provides training in trades and skills needed for gainful...
Saviour's School with students

Saviour’s Episcopal School, Zarqa, Jordan

Saviour’s School is a progressive co-ed K-12 school serving more than 300 students in the industrial city of Zarqa. It also offers one of the city’s only program for low-vision and blind students. Because the overcrowded public schools offer little to no programing for children...