A photo of the courtyard of St. George’s Cathedral in East Jerusalem.
The courtyard of St. George’s Cathedral in East Jerusalem. St. George’s offer a ministry of warm hospitality to many pilgrim groups.

A pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a different experience for each visitor. Most returning pilgrims agree that it is not a vacation and that you will never view the Middle East, your faith journey, or the world in quite the same way. 

Click here for a list of upcoming pilgrimages. (In light of COVID-19 travel restrictions, all upcoming pilgrimages have been cancelled or postponed. As soon as we have word on rescheduled trips, we will share the news at the link above. Prayers for all those impacted by the severe economic conditions brought by the halt of tourism in the region. Donations to the Archbishop’s COVID Response Fund to assist impoverished families are welcome here.)

Pilgrims find it awe-inspiring to see where Jesus lived, taught, died, and rose again.

And by meeting and getting to know the people who call the Holy Land home, you’ll discover that your heart is changed and you recognize a responsibility to support them both spiritually and materially.

Pilgrims who visit the humanitarian institutions of the Diocese of Jerusalem and worship in an Anglican church with our Palestinian Christian brothers and sisters often tell us that these experiences were highlights of their pilgrimage. 

Below are two tour operators that offer guests a chance to visit a diocesan parish for worship as well as one or more of the humanitarian institutions owned and operated by the diocese. Their websites explain more about their trips and a list of upcoming pilgrimages you might join. Both are long-standing and generous friends of AFEDJ and the Diocese of Jerusalem.

Lightline Pilgrimageshttp://www.lightlinena.com/

Qumri Pilgrimages: https://www.iyadqumripilgrimages.com/

In addition to pilgrimages, many people are drawn to educational opportunities for clergy and lay people at St. George’s College located on the campus of St. George’s Cathedral in East Jerusalem. Visit its website for a schedule of upcoming classes. 

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