Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

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Offering a Christian witness of love and hope in the Holy Land

In addition to 27 parishes, the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem owns and operates more than two dozen humanitarian institutions – schools, hospitals, clinics, centers for children with disabilities, and homes for the elderly in Palestine, Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon. Many of the institutions are more than 100 years old and bear witness to the legacy of a sustained Christian presence in this conflict-torn region.

Under the leadership of the Most Rev. Hosam E. Naoum, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, these institutions embody the Christian values of equity, justice, and respect for the dignity of all people they serve. All institutions welcome people irrespective of their religion, ethnicity, or ability to pay. The positive impact of these institutions on their local communities is immense, especially relative to the small number of remaining Christians in the region.

Learn more about the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem at www.j-diocese.org.

Links to profiles on each institution may be found on our “Find an Institution” page.


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