Arab Evangelical Episcopal School, Ramallah, West Bank

Founded in 1954 as a home for impoverished and orphaned girls, the Arab Evangelical Episcopal School has evolved into a K-12 academic co-ed school serving 845 students and their families.

The school operates upon the premise that fulfilling its Christian mission comes through serving the Palestinian community in all its diversity, regardless of students’ religion, race, gender, and socioeconomic status.

The school’s mission is to develop the student as a “whole person,” to be respected as a human being, having his or her own unique character.

The school seeks to educate young Palestinians to become active citizens who participate in developing a humanistic and democratic society, enhancing religious and national heritage in Palestine, and promoting mutual understanding and tolerance among religions and cultures.

Services Provided

  • Academic education for middle and low-income students in grades K -12
  • Alternative program for students with special needs, learning disabilities, and social and psychological problems
Three girls from its girls’ football (soccer) team were chosen to join the Palestinian National football team.

Your impact as an AFEDJ Donor

The Azeez Shaheen Trust has been a generous donor of AEES.
  • The Shaheen family has deep roots in Ramallah.
  • The Trust has funded renovations of classrooms, offices and performance spaces, new construction and the purchase of instructional technology.

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