Holy Land Institute for the Deaf, Salt, Jordan

A safe haven of peace for 150 children and young people ages four to 25, the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf offers a full range of therapeutic services for hearing-impaired, deaf, and deaf-blind students, a K-12 academic boarding program and a wide range of vocational training programs.

HLID also offers a community clinic to hearing-impaired and deaf local residents and runs outreach programs for children with a range of disabilities in Syrian refugee camps in northern Jordan. 

While a number of HLID’s graduates move on to post-secondary education, all are required to participate in vocational education as well. Offerings include carpentry, weaving, sewing, auto mechanics, and mosaics. Recent additions to the vocational program include barbering as well as hospitality and culinary arts and the opening of a “Sign and Dine” cafe in the Old English Evangelical Hospital building in the old city section of Salt.

Services Provided

Therapy programs for deaf, visually-impaired and deaf-blind children and young adults
  • Academic K-12 education for 150 deaf, deaf-blind, and hearing-impaired students
  • Vocational training in woodworking, weaving, hospitality and culinary arts, barbering, mosaics, and sewing
  • Auditory clinic for members of the Salt community
  • Clinics for children with disabilities in three Syrian refugee camps, offering diagnostic services, treatment, and awareness activities
A “Sign and Dine” cafe opened in 2019 in downtown Salt to offer HLID students real-world experience in food service and hospitality

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