Jofeh Community Rehabilitation Center, Jordan Valley, Jordan

The Jofeh Center is a community-based outreach program of the Holy Land Institution for the Deaf, offering therapy, vocational training, and in-house workshops to students with a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities.

The center provides training in trades and skills needed for gainful employment. In addition to offering educational and vocational workshops in the Jordan Valley town of Jofeh, the Center provides in-home therapy in 13 outlying villages to more than 100 patients who otherwise would not be served.

Services Provided

Vocational and academic education for children with cognitive and physical disabilities
  • English and Sign language lessons
  • Occupational, physical, and speech therapy
  • In-home occupational and physical therapies to more than 100 patients in 13 local villages
  • Meals for low-income children under the age of two
  • Sheltered vocational workshop for disabled adults including woodshop, sewing and embroidery, papermaking, greeting cards, weaving, and “Dead Sea fish,” stones wrapped in wire to resemble fish.
Jofeh’s field staff conduct hearing and vision testing and provide hearing aids and eyeglasses for people in 13 villages across the Jordan Valley

Your impact as an AFEDJ Donor

  • Pilgrims and visitors to Jordan rarely stop in Jofeh, so the Center’s work is not well known. All who do visit are uplifted by the wonderful work of Yousef and his staff.
  • This is a ministry where every dollar makes a significant impact on vulnerable children’s lives.

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