Saviour’s Episcopal School, Zarqa, Jordan

Saviour’s School is a progressive co-ed K-12 school serving more than 300 students in the industrial city of Zarqa. It also offers one of the city’s only program for low-vision and blind students. Because the overcrowded public schools offer little to no programing for children with vision-related disabilities, Saviour’s has been, since launching  the low-vision program in 2001, the sole option for families who want an inclusive, academic education for their vision-impaired children.

Leaders and teaching staff work hard to keep girls on track to graduation so they can take their place as equal members of society. Many families under economic stress will opt to keep sons in school but withdraw their daughters. Scholarships for girls offer a pathway to graduation for many promising young women.

All students receive high-quality academic instruction and important lessons in embracing differences. The influx of a large number of Syrian refugees has strained the resources of the city and put significant economic pressure on families. Saviour’s School offers a safe haven for its students and opens opportunities for future success for many children from impoverished families.

Services Provided

  • Progressive education for children K-12
  • Mainstreamed program for blind and low-vision students
  • Scholarship support for many low-income children
In partnership with the Caritas Foundation, Saviour’s School hosts a three-month Kindergarten program specifically designed for Syrian refugee children

Your impact as an AFEDJ Donor

Since 2013 St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C. has provided scholarships for students as well as computers for blind students and playground equipment for Kindergarteners.
  • In 2018 the Harold C. Smith Foundation provided $161,000 to renovate elementary classrooms and fund the full cost for 14 low-vision students.
  • The Ingalls foundation funded the renovation and equipping of a new computer lab for middle school students in 2017.

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