Bishops Advisory Council

The Bishops Advisory Council to the AFEDJ Board of Trustees exists to promote greater understanding among the members of the House of Bishops and their respective dioceses about the issues and humanitarian needs of the Diocese of Jerusalem. Council members provide helpful information and assistance to the AFEDJ Board and staff.

  • The Rt. Rev. Andrew M. L. Dietsche

    Bishop of New York

  • The Rt. Rev. Laura J. Ahrens

    Bishop Suffragan of Connecticut

  • The Rt. Rev. Barry L. Beisner

    Bishop of Northern California, Ret.

  • The Rt. Rev. Charles Andrew Doyle

    Bishop of Texas

  • The Rt. Rev. Daniel Gutiérrez

    AFEDJ Trustee
    Bishop of Pennsylvania

  • The Rt. Rev. Barry R. Howe

    Assisting Bishop of Southwest Florida

  • The Rt. Rev. Edward J. Konieczny

    Bishop of Oklahoma, Resigned

  • The Rt. Rev. James B. Magness

    Assisting Bishop of Southern Virginia 

  • The Rt. Rev. Gregory H. Rickel

    AFEDJ Chair
    Bishop of Olympia, resigned

  • The Rt. Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori

    26th Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church

  • The Rt. Rev. Kirk S. Smith

    Bishop of Arizona, Ret.

  • The Rt. Rev. Eugene T. Sutton

    Bishop of Maryland

AFEDJ Staff Core Values

We encourage and foster 5 core values that align with our every day work ethic and team engagement.


The way we communicate with each other shows thoughtfulness, encouragement, consideration, humility and candor. We treat everyone with dignity and respect and champion the rights and contributions of all to achieve a fairer world.


We work with others to maximize our impact, respecting diversity and difference in the pursuit of common goals.


We are entrusted with this critical work - we strive to do our best work. Consistency combined with efficiency and effectiveness helps us deliver for our partners across all our areas of our work.


We act with honesty and conviction and our actions are consistent with openness, equality and human rights.


Accountability and transparency are a prerequisite to helping people in need and it is how we show up for all of our partners. We are accountable to those whose lives we hope to see transformed, to those we work with and to those who support us.