Connecticut pilgrims reflect on their time in the Holy Land

August 23, 2019- Posted in Jerusalem, Pilgrim Stories, Pilgrimage

At the Sea of Galilee

In July 2019 a group of Episcopalians called The Holy Landers along with other members of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, including Bishops Ian Douglas and Laura Ahrens, made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

A few of their members have written movingly of their time there: what they saw, who they met, and how those experiences changed them.

Sharon Ely Pearson, editor at Church Publishing, Inc., complied and the Rev. Adam Thomas, rector of St. Marks’, Mystic, CT, edited brief reflections from their fellow pilgrims for the Diocese of Connecticut blog, ETTC Stories.

Read along with those on the journey here at Part 1 and Part 2.

Since returning Sharon has published several reflections of her own on her blog, Rows of Sharon, with titles like “Walls and Doors,” “Miracles with Outcasts,” “The Galilean,” and more. Read them all here.