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A photo of a woman working on a jig saw at Jofeh Community Rehabilitation Center, in Jordan

Jofeh Community Rehabilitation Center, Jordan Valley, Jordan

The Jofeh Center is a community-based outreach program of the Holy Land Institution for the Deaf, offering therapy, vocational training, and in-house workshops to students with a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities. The center provides training in trades and skills needed for gainful...
A photo of a woman getting her blood pressure checked at Penman Clinic.

Penman Clinic, Zababdeh, Palestine

Penman Clinic provides primary medical treatment to people of the northern West Bank city of Zebabdeh and more than 12 surrounding villages. For very low fees, patients who face travel restrictions that prevent them from visiting medical facilities in neighboring cities are offered excellent care close to home. Dental services, laboratory services, and a pharmacy, make the Penman Clinic is a uniquely comprehensive healthcare resource for people of the region.

Saviour's School with students

Saviour’s Episcopal School, Zarqa, Jordan

Saviour’s School is a progressive co-ed K-12 school serving more than 300 students in the industrial city of Zarqa. It also offers one of the city’s only program for low-vision and blind students. Because the overcrowded public schools offer little to no programing for children...
A photo of college students listening to a lecture outside in Jerusalem

St. George’s College, East Jerusalem

St. George’s College is the Anglican study pilgrimage centre in Jerusalem welcoming English-speakers from across the world. The College is part of the complex that includes the Cathedral Church of St. George the Martyr, St George’s School, the Pilgrim Guest House, and the offices of the Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem. St. George’s College will proudly celebrate its 100th year in 2020. Its length of service and unique context mean we offer a place where clergy and lay people from across the Anglican Communion as well as a variety of other traditions, can share in a short-term experience of community, pilgrimage, education, interfaith dialogue and reconciliation.

A photo of a girl raising her hand in class at St. George's School in East Jerusalem

St. George’s School, East Jerusalem

Established in 1899, adjacent to St. George’s Cathedral, St. George’s School is known for having many notable alumni. Originally a school for boys, St. George’s now serves 700 boys and girls by providing an excellent education at affordable costs for Jerusalem families. Located just across...
A photo of young students in a classroom at St. John's Episcopal School in Haifa, Israel

St. John’s Episcopal School, Haifa, Israel

Founded in 1868, St. John’s Episcopal School in Haifa offers students a caring, academically challenging environment where deep mutual respect and love of learning lie at the heart the educational experience. With about 500 students from Kindergarten through eighth grade, St. John’s is a pathway...

St. Luke’s Hospital, Nablus, West Bank

St. Luke’s Hospital, the only charitable hospital in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, offers a full range of medical services and boasts particularly well-regarded neurosurgery, obstetrics, and neonatal departments. This city of 350,000 is also home to a large Palestinian refugee camp. Travel...
A photo of boys crowding around a school desk for picture. At Theodor Schneller School, Marka, Jordan

Theodor Schneller School, Marka, Jordan

Founded in 1959 by Hermann Schneller and graduates of the Schneller Orphanage in Jerusalem, which was established in 1860 as the “Syrian Orphanage,” the Theodor Schneller School in Marka, serves 270 impoverished children, including a boarding program for 90 students, in grades K-10. The boarding...