Session 5: Building Hope

Teenagers stand in front of a mural posing with video camera equipment

This session focuses on Arab citizens of Israel, who face many challenges and roadblocks to employment, education, housing, and economic opportunity. Despite these challenges, Arab Christian citizens of Israel promote peacemaking and reconciliation among those of different identities in Israel and find hope in the next generation of leaders.

John’s Gospel tells of Jesus’ assurance to his disciples that they will do even “greater work” and in this session a wide range of people from the Holy Land share their hope for young people, educated and supported by the Diocese of Jerusalem schools and ministries, to point the way to hope and reconciliation in the future.

Bearing Witness is meant to be a transformative experience that moves program participants to action. In this last session of the program, we provide a process for individual, group and church-wide discernment and action. The discernment process and activities are included in the Facilitator and Participant Session Guides.

Video 1: Gospel Reflection by The Rev. Nael Rahmoun
Video 2: Building Hope in the Holy Land
Video 3: Engagement Spotlight: St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Nablus, West Bank, and Grace Presbyterian Church, Springfield, Virginia