Advent calendar offers a glimpse into the lives of Holy Land Christians

November 8, 2022- Posted in AFEDJ

There’s no better place to watch and wait for the birth of Jesus than the Holy Land.

The first door of our Holy Land Advent Calendar will open December 1.

Beginning on December 1 the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ) will launch its Holy Land Advent calendar to offer a daily glimpse into the lives of Holy Land Christians and the humanitarian ministries of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem.

Start each day of Advent with a splash of joy by opening a door to a photo or a brief video and news from one of the Episcopal ministries in the region.

Students at Jordan’s Schneller School delight visitors with a joyful song. Watch for a short video of their warm welcome behind an Advent Calendar door.

During this unsettled time, the AFEDJ Holy Land Advent calendar offers a way for individuals and families to participate in a meaningful daily Advent devotion.

Each day offers a fresh opportunity to learn more about the Christian witness of the current-day followers of Jesus in the place where he was born, lived, and ministered.

Who knows what you’ll discover behind each new door at