Food vouchers offer a lifeline to impoverished families in Beirut

January 7, 2022- Posted in Disabilities, Lebanon

“I can’t express my happiness receiving these vouchers. My kids were always asking for milk and cheese. This voucher brought a smile to us. God bless the donors.” – Lena, mother of three

Thanks to your support and a $40,000 grant from the Holy Land Christians Society, Archdeacon Imad Zoorob, the director of St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Center in Beirut, has been able to offer 28 staff families and 54 student families food vouchers from a supermarket owned by a local Christian family.

In total 202 families from St. Luke’s Center, the All Saints Episcopal Church community, and the Armenian community in the neighborhood of Ashrahfieh – an area hard hit by the 2020 explosion – have received monthly $50 food vouchers since September.

Fr. Imad added, “When our teachers come to me, asking when the next voucher will come, it breaks my heart. That these educated, sophisticated women are so desperate shows how hard it is in our country right now. How much more so for impoverished families like the ones our students come from. This is a disaster. We have to help in any way we can.”

Help AFEDJ continue to provide vouchers to impoverished families well into 2022 as Lebanon remains devastated by what the World Bank has called among the three worst economic crises since the mid-19th Century. Your gift makes a huge difference to families like Lena’s.

Take a short ride with Archdeacon Zoorob around Beirut