Foundation grant allows the Jerusalem Princess Basma Center to add audiology clinic to its menu of services

July 14, 2023- Posted in Disabilities, Education, Jerusalem

Meet Farah. Since the age of six months, Farah has been attending the Jerusalem Princess Basma Center, where she has flourished under their care.

Now at the age of five, she shows confidence and displays impressive skills such as walking and running, and she fills the Centre with joy and happiness. Farah’s mother is grateful for the center’s nurturing environment.

Until recently, a hearing assessment for a child like Farah would have required her to visit another clinic – not an easy thing for West Bank families whose freedom of movement is hampered by the need for permits to travel. Now, with a generous grant from the The Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation, JPBC’s speech therapists have received training to certify them to conduct screening and assessment in the new audiology clinic.

Therapist Miral Sarras spoke recently of the importance of offering speech therapy and hearing assessment as complementary services for each other. By providing both services under the same roof, the Basma Center ensures a seamless and holistic approach to supporting children with disabilities. This integration allows for a deeper understanding of the child’s needs and facilitates effective communication between the professionals involved in their care.

Thanks to the generosity of AFEDJ donors who offer undesignated gifts, AFEDJ staff can pursue foundation grants such as this.