Healthcare in Palestine – 2020 playlist

September 22, 2020- Posted in Gaza, Healthcare, Palestine, West Bank

On September 13, 2020, John Lent, executive director of American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ), spoke with members of Westmoreland United Church of Christ in Bethesda, Maryland, about the state of healthcare in Gaza and the West Bank, the impact of COVID on healthcare and the fragile economies in Palestine.

Seven brief videos from his talk, “Healthcare in Gaza and the West Bank in 2020” may be found below or watched and shared as a playlist on the AFEDJ’s YouTube channel.

Part 1: (2:56) AFEDJ – Who We Are, Where We Serve, What We Do
Part 2: (4:52): Healthcare in Palestine
Part 3: (4:53) Current conditions in Gaza
Part 4 :(3:26) Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City
Part 5: (4:16) COVID-19 in the region
Part 6: (3:14) COVID-19 in Gaza
Part 7: (1:57) One more thing