April 22, 2024- Posted in Gaza, Healthcare, Institution Spotlight, Palestine

Ahli Hospital doctors and staff, displaced by IDF operations in Gaza City last winter, pose in front of Ahli’s newly-established outreach medical clinic in Rafah.

Update, May 9, 2024: AFEDJ is aware of the evolving situation in Rafah, and is closely monitoring the situation in Gaza and the Middle East. As more individuals migrate to central Rafah due to ongoing evacuations from the eastern area of the city, Ahli’s outreach clinic anticipates an extreme surge in patients.

In early April 2024, a number of Ahli Hospital’s dedicated doctors and staff who were displaced by IDF operations in Gaza City late last year demonstrated their resilience by establishing an outreach clinic in Rafah, a city heavily populated with refugees and located in the southernmost region of the Gaza Strip. Rafah, now sheltering 1.4 million Gazans, has become home to those forced to flee the relentless onslaught of bombardments and fighting in the central and northern sectors of the Strip. Amidst the chaos, Rafah now emerges as the largest city in the Holy Land, surpassing even the combined populace of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the two bustling metropolises of Israel. The infrastructure and social services in Rafah, essentially a tent city lacking adequate access to clean water, waste management, and other key systems, are overwhelmed by the task of supporting even a fraction of its vast population.

Witnessing firsthand the acute need for medical services in Rafah, the compassionate team from Ahli Hospital, inspired by the unconquerable spirit of Ahli’s healing mission, mobilized. Together, they opened an outreach clinic: a symbol of hope amidst adversity, to offer vital medical services to thousands of displaced Palestinians who have endured profound loss.

The Ahli Outreach Clinic in Rafah is an inspiring reminder that the care and compassion delivered by Ahli’s remarkable medical staff is not confined to the walls of the hospital in Gaza City. We invite you to join us by making a gift that will empower this dedicated team to carry on their critical work, sharing Ahli’s mission of hope and healing throughout Gaza. Please consider a donation designated for “where the need is greatest,” enabling AFEDJ to swiftly respond to urgent needs and emerging opportunities, such as the clinic in Rafah.

Ahli’s newest clinic extends beyond the realm of general medical services. It stands as a bastion of specialized care, offering treatments for OB-GYN, ENT, and Ophthalmological needs. Moreover, it houses a pharmacy stocked with essential medications from the World Health Organization (WHO) and various charitable organizations, addressing the escalating need for healthcare in the face of spreading communicable diseases within Rafah’s cramped living conditions. Ahli’s unwavering commitment to healing shines through, making this clinic a beacon of hope and a lifeline for the community; work that is only made possible by the continued generosity of our donors.

Donate today to be an integral part of Ahli’s ongoing story of resilience, compassion and healing for all in need. Join us to create a profound difference for those who need it most.