March 20, 2024- Posted in Education, Healthcare, Palestine, Vocational Education, West Bank

The ripple effects of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza extend into the West Bank, creating significant challenges marked by increased travel restrictions, disruptions in the flow of goods, and widespread unemployment. Institutions like St. Luke’s Hospital in Nablus along with the Arab Evangelical Episcopal School (AEES) and the Episcopal Technological and Vocational Training Center (ETVTC), both located in Ramallah, urgently require your support to provide critical resources for patients, healthcare providers, students, and educators facing the harsh realities of war and economic strain.

The impact of the ongoing crisis in Gaza has led to a significant drop in income, hindering these institutions’ ability to cover operating support, pay staff salaries, and provide essential educational and medical services. Urgent donations are needed to ensure St. Luke’s, AEES, and ETVTC can continue their vital work, including addressing equipment needs, securing supplies, and sustaining the provision of compassionate care and education under extraordinary circumstances.

To ensure a just and sustainable future for all Palestinians, we must extend our care to them in the present. Your immediate contribution can make a lasting impact, offering crucial support to those in dire need and providing a foundation for a more resilient and hopeful tomorrow. We hope you will be an integral part of our urgent effort.