Leaders at Ahli Hospital find strength in your faithful and generous support

February 17, 2022- Posted in Gaza, Healthcare

“Despite the setbacks Ahli encountered during 2021, we are proud that we are able to make a difference in thousands of lives.” — Suhaila Tarazi

With so much turmoil in the world and the ongoing challenges of the pandemic competing for headlines, it’s not surprising that the plight of the people of the Gaza Strip drop from the public eye once the rockets cease to fire.

But for Suhaila Tarazi, director of Ahli Arab Hospital, the deprivations and difficulties of running a charitable hospital do not go away when the news cameras depart.

She recently reflected upon the past year. “It has been an uncomfortable year for the Ahli Hospital in Gaza. It began with the outbreak of COVID-19 followed by the 11-day war in May. It ended with the new variant Omicron. The situation is not looking good in Gaza. People continue to suffer from poverty while facing injustice.”

She continued, “Despite the setbacks Ahli encountered during the year, we are proud that we are able to make a difference in thousands of lives. Our mission of love is built on healing, repairing broken hearts, and comforting mourning souls. We plant seeds of hope that days to follow will be bright. Our goal would not be possible without your solidarity and continuous support. We ask that God helps us continue to spread joy, hope, reconciliation and peace in this land. Thank you again for your prayers and generosity.”

As American Friends of those bearing witness to the love of Christ in the Holy Land, our role is clear: We must remember their daily struggles even when the rest of the world moves on.