November 14, 2023- Posted in Diocese of Jerusalem, Education, Institution Spotlight, Palestine, Vocational Education

Due to the generosity of the Episcopal Diocese of New York’s Sustainable Development Goals Fund and AFEDJ’s partnership with Christ the Redeemer Church in Pelham, six women were able to enroll in the academy last fall, Suha among them.

In May 2023, Episcopal Technological and Vocational Training Center (ETVTC) graduated its third class of 36 women from the Sisterhood Academy, a six-month culinary arts and small-business training program for Palestinian women. We are excited to share the inspiring journey of Suha Hussein Awad, a 34-year-old mother of four and alumna of the Sisterhood Academy.

Before enrolling, Suha had relocated from her village to a refugee camp with her husband which had a negative impact on her mental well-being. Driven by her family’s needs and a passion for cooking, Suha decided to enroll in the Sisterhood Academy despite her challenges. After six months at the academy, Suha experienced a remarkable transformation, gaining self-confidence and feeling at east, thanks in large part to the tremendous support from ETVTC staff and her fellow students. She completed the academy’s culinary arts course last spring and honed the skills needed to pursue her dream of building a successful business.

Today, Suha continues to gain accolades and attention for her outstanding culinary skills – last May, she placed in a culinary competition for “Best Chef at the level of all Colleges and Universities in Palestine.” Today, she successfully manages her dessert business from home, which allows her to balance her work and family commitments. You can explore the beautiful, delicious desserts that Suha creates for yourself on her business page.

Suha’s journey is a powerful testament of ETVTC’s transformative mission of empowering women and families. Their dedication and commitment to creating positive change in the lives of those they serve demonstrates what can be achieved when we come together with a shared purpose.

By making a gift to AFEDJ, you’re ensuring that organizations like ETVTC can continue their vital work. Your generosity will amplify our efforts and empower us to create lasting change for communities in need.

Thank you for your continued support and belief in our mission. Together, we can build a brighter future for all, and we can’t wait to see the change we’ll create together.

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