June 12, 2024- Posted in AFEDJ, Diocese of Jerusalem, Education, Jordan, People, Staff

Students at Saviour’s Episcopal School in Zarqa, Jordan enjoy an educational game with water balloons in the courtyard.

Earlier this month, Executive Director Eileen Spencer and Director of Individual Giving Sarah Schofield-Mansur embarked on an inspiring journey to Jordan. During their visit, they had the unique opportunity to tour all six of the Diocese of Jerusalem’s Jordanian schools. Meeting with teachers, students, and administrators, Eileen and Sarah saw firsthand the profound impact of our supporters’ generosity and the ongoing challenges these schools face. Their interactions provided a heartfelt glimpse into the daily lives and needs of these vibrant educational communities.

During our visit to each of the six schools in Jordan, we were warmly welcomed by staff, educators, and students in each community, experiencing firsthand their dedication and resilience. Institutions like the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf, Arab Episcopal School, Schneller School, and Saviour’s Episcopal School beautifully demonstrate inclusivity in education by offering essential services and opportunities to all children, regardless of their ability and background, perfectly embodying the spirit of equity and opportunity by ensuring that children who might otherwise be left behind receive the education they deserve. While these schools serve some of the most marginalized communities, they also face significant infrastructural and material needs to better meet their standards of care.

In contrast, the well-resourced and thriving Ahliyyah School and The Bishop’s Kindergarten showcase the transformative power of comprehensive support. The stark difference between these schools and those in need underscores the importance of AFEDJ’s work and ongoing support. By addressing these disparities and ensuring all diocesan schools receive the necessary resources, we uphold the values of inclusivity and fairness, creating a brighter future for every child in the Holy Land. Your support is crucial in bridging this gap and fostering an environment where all students can flourish.

In addition to visiting the schools, Eileen and Sarah attended the Diocese of Jerusalem’s annual synod meeting. This important gathering brought together clergy, lay leaders, and other stakeholders to discuss the diocese’s current work, priorities, and future initiatives. By participating in these discussions, Eileen and Sarah gained valuable insights into broader goals across the diocese along with the critical need for sustainable support and development in its many humanitarian institutions.

This trip has deepened our understanding of the on-the-ground needs in Jordan and strengthened our partnership with the Diocese of Jerusalem. Eileen and Sarah returned with a renewed commitment to our mission and a clearer vision of how AFEDJ can continue to support and uplift the most vulnerable communities in the Holy Land.

As we continue our journey, we ask you to consider donating to this life-changing work. Your contribution to AFEDJ has a direct and lasting impact on the lives of children and families in Jordan and throughout the Holy Land.

Together, we can continue to change lives and build a more equitable future. To learn more about the schools mentioned in this article, click on the links below: