Good news from Jerusalem Princess Basma Center

July 22, 2022- Posted in Disabilities, Jerusalem, West Bank

With its new van to serve as a mobile clinic, JPBC’s partnership with eight clinics in West Bank communities will offer more families with children with disabilities access to diagnostic services and treatment

At a time when programs for children with disabilities are being cut or reduced across the West Bank, the Campbell Family Foundation’s grant to purchase and equip a new van will allow the outreach team at Princess Basma to expand services to the most vulnerable families.

The van, which arrived in June, is currently being customized and equipped so children with disabilities and their families in the West Bank are given the best chance of thriving by receiving timely and quality intervention. It will allow the medical team to reach isolated communities safely and conduct medical assessments on board. The Princess Basma team celebrates every family who is offered hope, healing and transformation.

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